Washing carpets

We offer you washing of floorings in such facilities as offices, hotels, schools, kindergartens and the like. We clean surfaces reaching even several thousand square meters.

Multi-stage cleaning process. Clean flooring is the pride of any company. From the very moment of montage of any flooring one ought to obey its regular cleaning slowing down its wearing process in this way.

Professional washing of floorings prolongs their life.

A multi-stage cleaning process:

  1. Vacuuming – carried out with an upright vacuum cleaner with electrobrush adjusted exclusively to vacuuming this type of surfaces. At this stage, we get rid of insoluble dirt from carpeted areas (sand, hair and coat).
  2. Dirt dissolving – a special preparation (the so-called pre-spray), which is spread onto surfaces, is adjusted to a particular type of fibre and dirt.
  3. Mechanical factor – scrubbing. Carried out with the use of a cylindrical floor scrubber or hand brush. This stage allows rubbing pre-spray into a carpet pile and its even spreading onto the surface at the same time supporting the cleaning process.
  4. Stain removal – the process during which we remove stains that pre-spray did not manage to fight (e.g. beverage stains, fat, wax, chewing gum, ballpoint pen stains). We use professional stain removals.
  5. Extraction – the stage of removing dissolved soil with the use of a sucking-spraying device, that is, extractor (washing vacuum cleaner). In case of heavy impurities this process is repeated several times. Such dirt is washed out from the surface to be cleaned with the use of a washing agent which is spread under pressure onto the surface to be cleaned and then sucked.

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