Washing windows

Washing windows with the Ionic® Reach & Wash Thermo Pure systems is a reliable technique which is more effective than conventional methods (up to 200 m²/h). This technique easily removes impurities from various surfaces and does not leave any damp patches or marks behind. Thanks to its telescopic poles one can easily clean hardly accessible areas at a height of even 22 meters. Eco-friendly technology – there is no need to use either chemical agents or detergents. Surfaces, which are cleaned with pure water, stay clean longer than when using additional agents. Window frames are cleaned at the same time as glass. When working, window cleaners do not infringe privacy of building habitants. The cleaning process lasts much faster. There is no need to use either ladders or scaffolding.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by using water heating system which brings even better effects in removing stubborn impurities and ability to work up to -150 C. Our systems conform to principles of health and safety at work according to the European law.

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